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Water Line Repairs and Maintenance in Lansing, Michigan

Licensed Professionals You Can Trust

Your main water line provides the water you need every day for dishes, showers and other essential tasks. If your water line starts to leak, it can prevent you from getting the clean water you need. 
Because your water lines are so crucial to your everyday life and health, they require the attention of a professional plumber when they break. At Michigan Plumbing, our technicians are trained and licensed to diagnose and repair your water lines; you can trust our experience to perform the repairs you need.

​Signs Your Water Line Needs Repairs

If the water coming out of your faucets is discolored, you notice a significant drop in water pressure or there is a constant wet area in your yard, your water line may be broken or damaged. Our technicians will examine your water line to find the source of the leak or damage and make recommendations for repairs. 
Whether you need your water lines re-piped or you need a simple repair, our skilled technicians will perform the quality repair you need. From copper pipes to PVC and CPVC water pipes, we can take care of your water lines.

Keeping Your Water Clean

With our professional, efficient repairs, you can be confident in your water lines. We’ll ensure your pipes are repaired properly the first time, so you can have the clean, safe water you need for daily living.

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