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Reliable Sewer Repair and Plumbing in Lansing, Michigan

What Is a Sewer Drain?

The drains in every home and business connect to a single pipe called a sewer drain which conducts water away from your property. Your sewer drain funnels all of the waste water you use every day. It, therefore, experiences significant wear and tear. However, it is often buried in your yard, so clogs and cracks can be difficult to detect and troubleshoot. That’s why we’re here to help.

Signs Your Sewer Drain Needs Service

Even though your sewer drain and pipes are hidden underground, there are several easy ways that you can tell it may need maintenance or a repair. If your yard has soggy or very lush patches, it may indicate that the plumbing line underneath is leaking. If you can smell a sewage odor or if multiple drains in your house or facility seem clogged, a problem may exist in your sewer pipe system.

Reliable Inspections and Repairs

Our team of professional plumbing technicians will pinpoint any damage or clog and address the issue at the source. We will use remote cameras to inspect your underground pipes and avoid the hassle of having to dig trenches around your yard. Whether we find rusting, cracking, tree root invasions or waste blockages, we will clear away any debris and replace faulty segments in no time.

Saving You Time and Money

If you suspect an issue, a quick and thorough inspection is an effective way for you to save the time and money of an even larger issue in the future. Our team is ready to give you the peace of mind that your plumbing system is functioning properly at all times.
If not, a cost-effective repair can extend the life span of your remaining pipes and prevent damage from spreading. It’s worth a professional inspection to give you the information you need to make the best decision for your home, your budget and your needs.
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