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Tankless Water Heater Work in Lansing, Michigan

Trustworthy, Safe and Saving You Money

From inspecting and fine-tuning your existing tankless water heater to repairs and upgrades, the professional plumbing experts at Michigan Plumbing are here to help you. Since 1992, we have served our neighbors in Lansing as well as our surrounding communities. We specialize in installation, maintenance and troubleshooting to ensure you always get the hot water you need.

Reducing Your Monthly Energy Bill

Tankless water heaters, as the name implies, do not make use of a water storage tank that holds a supply of hot water. This type heats water only as you need it, saving you the cost of keeping 50 gallons of water hot at all times. These models can, therefore, use up to 30 percent less energy than traditional tank heaters. Your monthly utility bills will be sure to show a fast and noticeable difference.

Should You Switch to Tankless?

Since tankless water heaters do not use a tank, they require much less room in your house than other varieties. Moreover, tankless models can last much longer than traditional types so long as proper maintenance is provided. Finally, tankless units increase your safety by eliminating scale buildup.
However, traditional water heaters may deliver hot water more quickly than tankless types, and the amount of hot water available may not be able to support two hot showers at once. It is also important to remember that these units have a higher upfront cost.

24/7 Services Tailored to You

No matter whether your existing tankless model needs a service or you want to upgrade your system to this type of water heater, we are here to help. Our professional plumbing experts will safely install, replace or repair your unit. You can trust our friendly technicians to keep your hot water running. Call us today to find out more about this type of water heater and how it can save you money.

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