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Bathtub Drain Cleaning and More in Jackson, MI

Clearing Clogged Drains and Toilets

We all know what it’s like to unplug the tub stopper and wait hours for the tub to drain. We all have experience with a toilet that just won’t unclog, no matter how much you use the plunger. When the plunger isn’t working or your drains are blocked, you can trust the expert plumbers at Michigan Plumbing to take care of the problem. We will unclog your toilet and clear your drains so you can have peace of mind.

Repairing Leaky Faucets

If the constant dripping of a leaky faucet or showerhead is keeping you up at night or leaking water is causing damage to your cabinets or other bathroom fixtures, call our experienced technicians. We will quickly fix the leak so you can conserve water, save money and sleep easy again.
A bathroom in need of bathroom plumbing services in Jackson, MI

Improving Your Water Pressure

Having the water pressure and temperature set just right can give you the relaxing shower you need. If your water pressure is too high or too low, our skilled plumbers will work with you to repair your shower, sink or other fixture and set the water pressure at the proper level.

Installing New Fixtures

If your bathroom fixtures are outdated, our professional technicians will complete the installations you need to give new life to your bathroom. We install sinks, showers, faucets, tubs and toilets to help give you a newer, more functional bathroom and with our thorough installation process, you won’t have to worry about leaks or other problems.

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Whether you need services for your shower, tub, sink or toilet, you can rely on Michigan Plumbing for your bathroom repairs and services. Contact us today to get a free estimate and schedule your service.

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