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Sump and Ejector Pump Plumbers in Lansing, Michigan

Quality Pumps to Protect Your Home

Water flows downhill and right into the ground — or into your basement. Don’t let underground water negatively impact your home. That’s why you should trust the high-quality sump and ejector pumps from Michigan Plumbing. Our services will help you fight the constant threat of water damage looming inside and outside your basement walls and foundation.​

Waterproofing That Works

The goal in waterproofing your basement is to keep moisture at bay. It can be hard to stop every little bit from getting in. That’s why you have a plumbing safety net, also known as a sump pump. A pump is the only way you can collect and dispose of the water that collects and may damage the structure of your property.

​​How a Sump Pump Works

As water flows through drains or by normal filtration through the soil, it continues to flow downwards. Instead of collecting in your basement, it collects in the sump pit a few feet below your lowest floor. There, it collects into the sump basin where the pump starts working to move it away from your home.

​Professional Sump Pump Services

Sump pumps prevent flooding and property damage by protecting your house against the natural flow of water. While the water is usually clean, it can cause serious damage when allowed to gather unattended. To make sure your basement stays as dry as possible, we offer a full range of services on sump pumps from installation to repair as well as total replacement.

Elector Pumps Keep Sewage Where It Belongs

There are few things worse that can happen in your home than redirected sewage. When something is washed or flushed away, you want to be sure it is moving in the right direction. When it comes to plumbing in a basement bathroom or laundry room, your plumbing system may lay below your main sewage line. In that case, normal gravity and suction won’t do the job. You need an ejector pump to get that sewage moving correctly through your sewer drain.

24/7 Ejector Pump Services

When gravity alone can’t handle the job, our pumps are there to get it done. We offer 24-hour services, so whether you need a repair, replacement or a completely new installation, give us a call for help with sump and ejector pumps.
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